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The path I have taken through life has led me to the understanding that my strongest motivations come from my desire to always be learning new things and that I thrive under conditions where I encounter challening problems that I can leverage my training and expertise to solve. Computing is a perfect fit for my personality because the ever-changing nature provides ample opportunity for me to learn the next new concept or skill along with novel challenges to dive into.
Two quotes come to mind when thinking of my philosphy for life because they exemplify the core principles I live by.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

Hunter S. Thompson
When I undertake a task my first consideration is that I will commit to doing high quality work. This includes researching solutions, re-working and re-writing work, and collaborating with other to find ways to improve my work.

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard...

John F. Kennedy
I often think of this quote when I encounter a problem that seems to hard for me to solve. It reminds me that the reason I work on challening problems is because they serve a purpose. The challenge is part of that purpose and the learning is the goal, not only the solution. Also, it motivates me to think about the phenomenal scientific advances that were made as a result of hard work and creativity.


University of North Florida

Master of Science in Computing and Information Sciences, Expected Spring 2020
Concentration: Software Engineering

> Fall 2020 UNF Computing Symposium: 3rd Place Overall- Breast Cancer Tumor Classification
> Fall 2019 UNF Computing Symposium: 2nd Place Overall- Twitter Sentiment Analysis
> Spring 2019 UNF Computing Symposium: Honorable Mention- Fuzz Testing: Theory in Practice
> Spring 2018 UNF Computing Symposium: Honorable Mention- Source Code Visualization
> Fall 2017 UNF Computing Symposium: Honorable Mention- Social Welfare using Possibilistic Logic Theory
> Fall 2016 - Spring 2020: Teaching Assistant

University of North Florida

Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Sciences, 2017, Cum Laude
Concentration: Information Systems, Business Minor

> Fall 2016 UNF Computing Symposium: Honorable Mention- Hope Haven Donor Management System
> UNF Convergys Scholarship
> Python Summer Camp: developed instructional materials, taught camp course

Florida International University

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, 2000

Miami Dade College

Associate in Arts, 1998, Honors and Distinction


Duval County Public Schools: Computer Science Teacher

Design and implement instructional materials for computer science programming courses including: object oriented - Java and Python, object based - JavaScript, and markup - HTML and CSS.

Leadership Roles
  • Career and Technical Education Department Chair
  • Professional Development Facilitator
    2020 NCWIT Educator Award Recipient, Honorable Mention
    2018 Code.org, Diversity Champion
Additional Professional Projects/Opportunities
  • Github Campus Advisor
  • Co-authored high-stakes district level End-Of-Course Exams
  • Designed and taught introductory Python training for teachers
  • Certified in Web Design and Digital Design:
    • CIW: Introduction to Information Technology
    • CIW: Foundations of Web Design
    • CIW: E-Commerce Specialist
    • CIW: Web Design Specialist
    • CIW: Web Design Professional
  • CIW Certified Proctor

University of North Florida: Adjunct Professor

Instruct undergraduate course in Computational Structures.
This course provides students an introduction into select discrete mathematics subjects of importance to future study in computer science.

  • Collaborate with teaching staff for curriculum development.
  • Design and present lectures.
  • Create assessments and analyze student outcomes.



Software Engineering Blog: Current Posts

Built With

Programming Languages

> Java (JDBC, JavaML)
> JavaScript
> Python (OpenCV, Scikit-learn)
> C#
> HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

Conceptual Skills

> Object Oriented Programming
> Software Engineering
> Machine Learning
> Data Mining
> Source Control

Tools and Applications
Certification Badges


Thesis Research (in process)

> Proposed: Game Theory Based Distributed Coordination with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
> SOARS 2020 Research Presentation

Research Projects

> Breast Cancer Tumor Identification
Comparison of the efficacy of classification methods utilizing breast cancer tumor data.

> Twitter Sentiment Analysis
This project trains 3 models using support vector, naive-bayes and stochastic gradient descent classification methods to determine the positive and negative sentiment of tweets.
> Graph Mining
The program takes a user's egocentric graph, email and seed values and produces a visualization of the user's implicit graph, the size of the graph and a list of suggested friends along with their weights. The higher the weight, the more likely the connection should be included in the group.
> Source Code Visualization
The purpose of the Source Code Visualization program is to provide a support tool for software developers. The Source Code Visualization program provides a visual representation of source code dependencies. The tool will allow users to more easily understand the source code from a different perspective.
> CodeShareWeb
A simple php web project for students to share code snippets with each other.

Unpublished Research

> A survey of Reinforcement Learning in Medical Diagnosis
> Data Visualizations for Covid-19
> Women in Software Engineering
> Software Engineering Best Practices for Novice Programmers
> Reducing Social Media Group Polarization through Diversity Recommendations
> Proposal: Autonomous Quadcopter Navigation Using AprilTag


Personal Goals
My career goal is to find employment in data science where I will be able to utilize machine learning for predicitive analysis.

Educationally, I hope to complete my MS by the spring 2020 and intend to Apply to Phd programs for the following fall. Like my other degrees, I would like to study part time while working if possible. Currently, I am interested in studying machine learning at the doctoral level.

I have spent so much of my life dedicated to my work and studies that I have not had the opportunity to travel. Someday, I would like to attend or present at conferences in different countries around the world so I could meet new people from different places and share ideas.


E-Mail Contact Information


Code.org 2018 Diversity Champions: twitter mention

Quoted in Jacksonville Times-Union: Duval schools working to boot up more computer careers for girls